AI Writer Credit Deduction

What Are Credits?

Credits are the currency used within Writesonic to access premium features and advanced templates. Each subscription plan comes with a default allotment of credits, which can be used throughout the month. These credits are essential for generating content using Writesonic's AI Writer 5 and AI Writer 6.

How Are Credits Utilized?

Credits in Writesonic are primarily consumed on a per-generation and regeneration basis when using AI Writer 5 and AI Writer 6. This means that each time you generate content using these advanced versions of the AI Writer, a certain number of credits are deducted from your monthly allotment. The exact number of credits required for each generation depends on the complexity and type of the content being generated.

Complexity of Advanced AI Writers

The complexity of advanced AI Writers refers to the level of AI processing and resources required to generate the content. AI Writer 5 and AI Writer 6 offer sophisticated features and higher-quality outputs, which means they consume more credits per generation compared to simpler tasks. For instance, generating a detailed article using AI Writer 6 will require more credits due to its advanced capabilities. AI Writer 4, on the other hand requires zero credits.

Total Credits Per Generation

Writesonic provides a clear indication of the credit requirements for AI Writer 5 and AI Writer 6 before you begin generating content. This transparency allows users to plan their credit usage effectively.

AI Writer 5: Requires 5 credits due to its advanced capabilities.
AI Writer 6: Requires 20 credits due to its even more sophisticated features and higher-quality outputs.


To learn more about utilizing credits within Writesonic, read this artcle: What are credits and when do they reset? How to purchase additional credits?