Chatsonic API

Learn how to find, activate, and make a request using Chatsonic's API key

The Chatsonic API functionality allows users to enable or disable real-time Google search, manage memory functionality, and communicate with ChatSonic in 24 different languages.

Step 1: Find Your API Key

  1. In your Writesonic account, click your [Avatar] located at bottom left corner of the page, the click [API Dashboard]

  1. Toggle ON to activate the API
  2. Click on [Reveal API Key] - this will reveal your API key, save this at a safe place for integration.
  3. Click the [copy] button to copy the API Key to your clipboard.

Step 2 - Access the API Endpoint

  1. Go to the API Documentation: ChatSonic (Like ChatGPT)
  2. Enter the API Key
  3. Enter the required parameters
  4. Click [Try It] to start a request
  5. View the response


Read this guide to learn how to use the Memory functionality in Chatsonic