Invite Team Members

Learn how to invite team members to collaborate and streamline your workflow for enhanced productivity and seamless coordination.

Note: Access to this feature varies based on the specific plan you have chosen.

Step 1 - Create a Team

  1. Click your [Avatar] located at the bottom left corner of the page
  2. Click to select [Team]
  3. Enter a name for your team, then click [Create]

Step 2 - Invite new members

You have 2 ways to invite new team members:

  • Send an invite via email
  • Provide an invite link

Send invite via email

  1. Click [Invite new members]
  2. Enter the email address of the team member, optionally, you can toggle ON to give administrator rights
  3. Click [Invite]
    • An invitation will be automatically emailed to the team member
    • The new team member will be added on the users list with a "pending" status until they accept the invite
  • You can change the role of the team member to admin or member
  • To delete the team member, click the [trash] icon

Generate an invite link

  1. Click [Generate URL]
  2. Copy the unique link and share it with your team to join your account

Note: To avoid mis-use of the link, click the [trash icon] to delete it, you can generate a new one whenever needed.

Change or update the team name

  1. Click [Update]
  2. Edit or enter a new team name
  3. Click [Update] to save the new name

Change a team member's role or delete

  • Change team member's role - click the dropdown next to the team member's name and select a role (admin or member)
  • Delete team member - click the [trash] icon next to the team member's name