Different subscription plans

WriteSonic pricing is all about adaptability. It's engineered to accommodate a wide spectrum of users, ranging from individual entrepreneurs to expansive corporate entities. Regardless of your business size or scale, WriteSonic ensures there's a pricing plan tailored to suit your specific requirements.

Having distinct pricing plans tailored for both Individuals & Freelancers and Professionals & Teams showcases WriteSonic's commitment to catering to diverse user needs.

Individuals and Freelancers

For individuals and freelancers, the pricing plans are designed to meet the specific requirements and budget constraints typically associated with independent work. These plans offer flexibility and essential features essential for solo content creators, allowing you to kickstart your projects without breaking the bank.

Professionals and Teams

On the other hand, the plans for professionals and teams are crafted to address the more complex demands of collaborative work environments. Whether it's a small marketing team or a large-scale enterprise operation, these plans provide the tools and resources necessary for streamlined collaboration, advanced analytics, and enhanced content strategy execution.

By offering specialized plans for different user segments, WriteSonic ensures that each user group can access the features and support you need to thrive in their respective fields. This tailored approach maximizes value by providing you with pricing structures aligned with your specific needs, ultimately empowering you to achieve yourcontent creation goals more efficiently and effectively.

Writesonic Subscription Plans

Free Plan

No credit card is required to get started

With the Free Plan, you'll get:

  • Access to all the cool features of WriteSonic and Chatsonic without needing to provide any credit card details.
  • Plus, you can create content using our Standard Templates and enjoy chatting with our AI like ChatGPT.
  • You'll also get a set number of generations for Chatsonic and Standard Templates each month, along with some credits to try out our Advanced Templates. It's a great way to start exploring what WriteSonic can do for you!
  • For pricing details, visit https://writesonic.com/pricing

Chatsonic Plan

Priced at $12 per month when billed annually (or $15 when billed monthly)

With the Chatsonic Plan, you'll get:

  • Access to an awesome AI chat experience, just like ChatGPT. It's perfect for individuals who want a smooth and efficient AI chat experience.
  • You can enjoy unlimited generations of content with top-notch quality from GPT-4 and Claude 3 Opus level output.
  • Plus, we've integrated with Google to ensure you're always getting the latest and most relevant results. Whether you're chatting with text, PDFs, webpages, images, or even audio, there's no limit!
  • And with unlimited Chatsonic Agentand Prompt Optimizer, you'll have all the tools you need for seamless communication and optimal content creation.
  • For pricing details, visit https://writesonic.com/pricing

Individual Plan

Priced at $16 per month when billed annually (or $20 when billed monthly)

With the Individual Plan...

  • Tailored specifically for freelancers and content writers, you're equipped with all the essential tools you need to excel. With this comprehensive toolkit, you can streamline your content creation process and produce exceptional work efficiently.
  • Building upon the remarkable features of Chatsonic, you can engage in limitless AI-powered conversations
  • Access to an array of Standard Templates: these include Writesonic's meticulously crafted content templates like:
    • social media posts
    • AI Article Writer 4
    • standard-quality imagery through Photosonic
    • and a suite of over 50 other templates to suit various content needs
  • Acces to Advanced Templates with 50 credits per month, granting you access to premium features available on a credit basis. Dive into the advanced capabilities of:
  • Explore additional perks such as:
    • Audiosonic
    • Plagiarism Checker
    • Bulk Generation (coming soon)
    • API access for seamless integration into your workflow
  • For pricing details, visit https://writesonic.com/pricing

Standard Plan

Priced at $79 per month when billed annually (or $99 when billed monthly)

If you're a solo marketer or part of a small team diving into foundational content and SEO practices, the Standard Plan is perfect for you. It's everything you need to boost your content strategy and take your marketing efforts to the next level!

Building upon all the fantastic features of the Individual Plan, you'll enjoy even more benefits:

  • With access to Elite quality on AI Article Writer 6.0, you can expect top-notch content generation.
  • Plus, you can integrate your own data into the AI Article Writer 6.0 for personalized results.
  • Stay ahead of the game with automated internal linking, and keep an eye out for upcoming features like AI Keyword clusters and Content Remix.

Professional Plan

Priced at $199 per month when billed annually (or $249 when billed monthly)

Are you an SEO specialists or a content professional looking to level up your strategy and execution? The Professional Plan is tailored just for you. It's everything you need to optimize your SEO game and elevate your content to new heights!

Building upon all the awesome features of our Standard Plan, you'll find even more tools and benefits to supercharge your efforts:

  • Collaborate seamlessly with your team by inviting up to 3 members, ensuring everyone stays on the same page.
  • Dive deeper into your content strategy with our AI Content Gap Analyzer, which offers insightful Content Gap Analysis and Competitor Benchmarking.
  • Plus, enjoy personalized onboarding to get your team up and running smoothly.
  • For pricing details, visit https://writesonic.com/pricing

Advanced Plan

Priced at $399 per month when billed annually (or $499 when billed monthly)

Designed for agencies and in-house marketing teams, if you're on the hunt for advanced SEO insights and aiming for content dominance, our Advanced Plan is designed with you in mind. It's everything you need to stay ahead of the curve and establish your presence in the digital landscape!

Building upon all the fantastic features of the Professional Plan, you'll discover even more tools and benefits to propel your strategies forward.

  • Integrate seamlessly with Google Search Console (coming soon) for enhanced analytics and performance tracking.
  • Collaborate effortlessly with your expanded team by inviting up to 5 members.
  • Plus, enjoy priority support to ensure your projects receive the attention they deserve.
  • For pricing details, visit https://writesonic.com/pricing

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan provides a Generative AI platform that's not only packed with all the features of Writesonic but also offers advanced privacy and security features to meet your organizational needs.

  • Enjoy the flexibility of custom apps tailored specifically to your business, along with the ability to customize the number of team members and credits as per your requirements.
  • Rest assured with enhanced security, privacy, and governance features, including SSO/SAML login for seamless access control.
  • Plus, benefit from personalized training sessions and dedicated support to ensure your team maximizes the platform's potential.
  • For pricing details, contact sales at https://writesonic.com/pricing