AI Article Writer 5

Learn how to create quality content with real-time references and automated internal linking.

AI Article Writer 5 integrates real-time references to enhance article creation. By recommending pertinent articles sourced from the web, it guarantees that your content is supported by the most current information and data. Additionally, users have the option to upload their own documents as references, thereby augmenting accuracy and credibility.

  • This version caters to users who prioritize precision, relevance, and trustworthiness in their content.
  • Note: Access to this feature varies based on the specific plan you have chosen.

Step 1 - Navigate to the AI Article Writer 5 Page

  1. Click [AI Article Writer] from the left hand side menu
  2. Click [Use AI Article Writer 5]

Step 2 - Add reference articles

  1. Enter a [topic]
  2. Add reference articles - there are 3 ways, pick one or all:
    • Click [Search Articles], check-off the articles you want to add as references
    • Add your own links - Click [Add links] to add your own online references, if you've already added articles from the suggested list, click the [+] to add more links.
    • Upload files - Click the [upload] box and upload existing files to serve as references. Supported formats include: PDF, DOC, DOCX, up to 25 MB per file.
  3. Click [Next]

Step - Generate the article

  1. Review and check the following elements, edit as you see fit:
    • Topic
    • Reference Articles
    • Uploaded Files
  2. Add [Additional information] as needed
  3. Add your [Keywords]
  4. Select a [Brand Voice]. If you haven't created one, click [New Brand Voice] to create one. To learn more, read this step by step guide on how to create a Brand Voice.
  1. Select a [Language]
  2. Click [Generate Article]
  3. Do a final check of the reference articles that you've added, you can unselect articles that may have too many words to reduce word count.
  4. Click [Confirm] to generate the article.

Open in AI Document Editor

To edit the article further, click the [edit] icon located at the bottom of the article to open the article in the AI Document Editor. To learn more, read this step by step guide on how to use the AI Document Editor.

Open in Audiosonic

To use the article to generate audio, click the [play icon] at the bottom of the article to open the article in Audiosonic. To To learn more, read this step by step guide on how to use Audiosonic

Share the article

To share the generated article, click the [share] icon located at the top corner of the page. There are 3 ways to share the file:

  • Share a public link - toggle ON, then copy the public link
  • Download as a Microsoft Word, PDF, or HTML file
  • Export and publish to,, Zapier

View Generated Articles

To view previously generated files and articles, navigate back to your Writesonic's main dashboard, then click [History] from left hand side menu to open the all documents you've previously worked on.