Standard vs. Advanced Templates: A Quick Guide

Standard Templates:
Includes Writesonic's handcrafted content templates such as social media posts, AI Article Writer 4.0, Photosonic, article rewriter, and over 50 more.

  • Included in all paid plans
  • Unlimited usage*
  • Cover basic features
  • Meet common user needs
  • No credit consumption

*- subject to our fair usage policy

Advanced Templates:
Such as the AI Article Writer 6.0, are premium features available on a credit basis, unlike the unlimited use of standard templates and Chatsonic. Each use deducts credits from your monthly allotment, with the amount depending on the template's complexity.

  • Offer premium, complex features
  • Usage is limited by monthly plan credits
  • Provide enhanced functionality
  • Ideal for specialised tasks

Key Differences:

  • Availability: Standard templates are always accessible, while advanced templates depend on credit availability.
  • Functionality: Advanced templates offer more sophisticated features compared to standard ones.
  • Usage Limits: No restrictions on standard templates; advanced templates use credits per use.

Choosing the Right Template:

  • Use standard templates for routine tasks
  • Reserve advanced templates for specialised needs or complex projects

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