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What is Article Writer 3.0?

No more drafting articles or blog posts from scratch again. Writesonic can help you to craft high-quality and unique articles and blog posts with a click.

From headlines to a full-fledged article, Writesonic’s Article Writer 3.0 can help you to write about any topic, and save a lot of time and cost.

So, what’s stopping you? Get ready to autopilot your content marketing efforts.

How to use Article Writer 3.0?

STEP 1 - Go to the dashboard and click on “Article Writer 3.0” to generate a high-quality and engaging blog post in seconds. You will see that the article writing process is broken down into 4 steps.

STEP 2 In this step, you need to communicate to Writesonic the ideas you have for the topic that you would like to create content for. Here are a few tips:

  1. Your topic should give a clear indication of what your article will be all about.
  2. Incorporate the primary keyword to make your article more appealing from an SEO perspective.
  3. Use numbers, if necessary. For example “5 benefits of morning walk.”

AI generates 5 best possible titles for. Choose the one that best describes the topic and cover all the relevant aspects. If you are not satisfied with the results, click on the generate button again to get more options.

Writesonic supports 25+ languages, and for the quality it is recommended to choose premium for the best results.

STEP 3 Next, you will move on to Step 2, where Writesonic will generate opening paragraphs for you to choose from. Select the number of intros you want Writesonic to create and hit generate. Based on the title you selected, Writesonic generates intro options for you.

Your selection will help Writesonic to determine the structure, content, and tone of the content.

STEP 4 After selecting the title and intro, Writesonic will then generate the outlines for us to choose from. These outlines are the H2 headers for the blog that helps the reader to quickly find the information they are looking for in the blog.

Then, select the number of outlines you want Writesonic to generate for you, hit the generate button.

You can check and even mix and match the best ideas. You can either select a group of outlines generated by the AI or select individual outlines from each group.

STEP 5 Finally, Writesonic uses the information that we provide to create a high-quality and optimized blog post. Hit the generate button, and ta-da! Here’s your long-form article. Simply, fact check, edit, and it is good to go.

If you already know what you want to write about, and have an outline ready, you can simply skip to the Step 4 and manually enter your title, intro, and outline for Writesonic to generate a copy for you.

In case you want more or something else, you can click on the “Re-generate” button.

Here are a couple of examples:

Example 1



Topic - The Ultimate Guide to Copywriting: How to Convey Your Message in the Most Effective Way

Language - English

Quality - Premium


Whether you’re an e-commerce brand, a B2B company, or an NGO – copywriting is an essential part of your marketing strategy. The right words can make people take notice of your products and services; the wrong ones can make them walk away. That is why creating compelling copy is a necessary step in launching your brand. Your website, social media pages, ads, and even packaging need to be filled with words that will catch people’s attention. Here are some tips on how you can do that.

Know your audience
When it comes to creating compelling copy, you first need to know your audience. What are their hopes and desires? What are their needs? How old are they? Where do they come from? What language do they speak? For example, if you want to sell your product to women, you need to find out more about their lives, their worries, their daily struggles. That way, you’ll know how to frame your copy in a way that will make women want to click “buy now.”

Strategy first, then the words
Creating compelling copy is about more than just stringing together a few sentences. You need to have a strategy in place, and you need to know what your goals are. For example, if you’re launching a new product, you might want to start with a series of blog posts. You can use these posts to explain to your audience what your product is, why they need it, and how it works. That way, you can build up some anticipation and excitement about your product before you even launch it. When it comes time to actually create your copy, make sure that it is consistent with your brand’s voice and tone. The last thing you want is for your copy to sound like it’s coming from a different company.

Use short sentences and paragraphs
Keeping your sentences short and your paragraphs short will help your copy stand out. Long, dense sentences are very common and are used in most marketing copy, but they can get tiresome to read. Your readers will be less likely to continue reading if they feel like they have to work to get through your copy. Short sentences and paragraphs will help keep your readers engaged. Keep your paragraphs short as well. Long paragraphs are intimidating to read and break up your copy. They can be a distraction from your main message.

Use simple language
This one might seem obvious, but it is incredibly important. Using advanced vocabulary and complicated language can confuse your readers and make them less likely to buy from you. Instead, find ways to explain your product or service in plain and simple language. Use words that your readers will understand and don’t feel like you are talking down to them by dumbing down your language.

Use bold keywords and phrases
Keywords and phrases are what Google and other search engines use to find your content and what readers use to find your content. By using keywords and phrases in your copy, you can help your content rank higher and, therefore, reach a wider audience. To find the right keywords and phrases to use, check out keyword research tools. These tools will allow you to input a few words related to your product and will then provide you with a list of other words that you can use to expand your reach.

Add images where you can
How many times have you been scrolling through a website and come across an image that just makes you stop and pay attention? That’s the power of images in marketing. Some studies suggest that images can get a reader’s attention more quickly than text. So, if you’re having trouble grabbing your reader’s attention, images are a great addition to your copy.

Summing up
The bottom line is that copywriting is an art, and there are no shortcuts to getting good at it. To create high-quality, attention-grabbing content, you need to put in the work, be patient with the process, and be willing to try different things. You can’t expect your first few pieces of copy to be amazing. It takes time, practice, and patience to get good at any type of creative work, and writing is no different. That said, when you do get there, you’ll be glad you put in the effort. Your readers will appreciate it and your brand will benefit as a result.

Example 2



Topic - 8 Great Benefits of Dairy Products You Never Knew About

Language - English

Quality - Premium


Did you know that a cup of yogurt has more calcium than a glass of orange juice? Did you also know that drinking milk has been proven to help build strong bones and prevent osteoporosis? Armed with these facts, it seems natural to assume that dairy products are an essential part of a healthy diet. However, some people avoid dairy for various reasons, such as lactose intolerance or an ethical belief against the production of animal products. Let’s take a closer look at why so many people avoid dairy and how these wonderful foods can actually be good for you! Check out our 8 great benefits of dairy products you never knew about below!

Rich in important nutrients
One of the main reasons to eat dairy is because of its high nutritional value. In fact, dairy products contain essential nutrients that many people aren't getting enough of in their diet, such as calcium, vitamin D, potassium, and protein. If you are limiting your dairy intake, it's crucial to find other ways to incorporate these nutrients into your diet. Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones and can be found in fortified cereals as well as fish like salmon and tuna. Calcium is also crucial for building and maintaining strong bones and teeth, and can be found in tofu, certain types of greens like collard greens and turnip greens, and beans. Potassium, which can also be found in beans, is important for heart health, and protein is needed to build muscle and support the immune system.

May help combat osteoporosis
Research has shown that consuming dairy products can reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis, a condition that causes bones to become brittle and break easily. Osteoporosis is found most commonly in women after menopause, but some studies have shown that consuming dairy products as a teenager and young adult can help reduce the risk of this condition even more. One study specifically found that people who consumed more than 6 cups of milk per week had a 40% less risk of developing osteoporosis than those who only consumed 1 cup per week. No other type of dairy product had the same effect, leading scientists to believe that milk may be the most beneficial for building bones.

Helps build strong bones
We've already discussed how dairy products can help prevent osteoporosis, but they can also help build strong bones in younger people as well. A cup of milk contains 10% of your daily calcium needs, which is essential for healthy bones. Without calcium, bones become weak and break easily. Your body can't naturally produce calcium on its own, so it's important to get enough through your diet or risk developing osteoporosis later in life. Additionally, other dairy products like yogurt and cheese contain protein, which helps build muscle and increase your metabolism. Metabolism is responsible for breaking down food and turning it into the energy your body needs to function, so increasing this process through protein can help you lose weight more easily.

May help with weight loss
Obesity is very common today, and many people are trying to find new ways to lose weight and keep it off for good. The good news is that dairy products can be a key component of a healthy diet and weight loss plan. Studies have shown that people who consume more dairy products tend to have lower BMIs than those who don't. One study found that people who ate at least 2 servings of low-fat dairy per day lost significantly more weight than those who ate less. This could be due to the fact that calcium from dairy is necessary for the body to metabolize fat and break it down into energy. If you want to lose weight, increasing your dairy intake is one simple way to do it.

Protect against heart disease
Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Western countries, so anything we can do to prevent it is a good idea! One of the best ways to prevent heart disease is by consuming more dairy products. In fact, a study of more than 40,000 people found that those who consumed the most dairy products had significantly lower rates of heart disease than those who consumed the fewest. Many scientists believe that this is due to dairy's high potassium content, as this nutrient is known to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. Additionally, calcium and vitamin D, both found in dairy products, have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease as well.

Dairy products, such as milk and yogurt, are full of nutrients and can actually help reduce the risk of certain diseases like osteoporosis and heart disease. While some people choose to avoid dairy due to allergies or a vegan lifestyle, there are plenty of health benefits to be had by consuming dairy products. If you eat a balanced diet that includes a variety of different foods, you should be getting enough of the nutrients in dairy products. Of course, there are plenty of other nutritious foods out there, so don't feel like you need to consume dairy products on a daily basis. If you want to try incorporating dairy into your diet, there are plenty of ways to do it and different types of dairy products that can suit your needs.

Tips for using the Article Writer 3.0 tool

  1. Add the primary keyword in the topic.
  2. You can add a few more points in the outline, as per the requirements.
  3. Generate results, mix and match, and create your own high-quality article.

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