AI Article Writer 4

Learn how to quickly generate articles using GPT knowledge

AI Article Writer 4 uses GPT's vast knowledge to easily create articles.

  • This version is perfect for individuals who need to generate articles rapidly without delving into extensive research or fine-tuning. It caters to those who prioritize simplicity and efficiency in their writing process and may not require in-depth analysis or specialized features.
  • With unlimited usage, you can generate content without worrying about credits per article.

Step 1 - Navigate to the AI Article Writer 4 Page

  1. Click [AI Article Writer] from the left hand side menu
  2. Click [Use AI Article Writer 4]

Step 2 - Add topic and keywords

  1. Enter a [topic]
  2. Add keywords - there are 2 ways to add keywords
    • Option 1 - Click [Search Keywords], then check off the keywords you want to add
    • Option 2 - Enter your own keywords
  3. Click [Next] then proceed to the next step to choose a title for your article.

Step 3 - Choose a title

  1. Enter the [Tone of voice], eg. professional, funny, witty, excited, etc.
  2. Enter the [Point of view] from which the article will be written
    • First Person (I, me, mine, we, us, our)
    • Second Person (you, your, yours)
    • Third Person (he, she, they)
  1. Add a [Call to Action] if you want to promote your product or service
  2. Select a [Language]
  3. Click an article title from the generated options. If you're not happy with the options:
    • you can edit the title to your liking; or
    • click the [Regenerate] button to get more ideas

Step 4 - Select an outline

  1. Click [Generate Outlines]
  2. Click to select the outline you want to use from options provided


Alternatively, you can toggle ON to select individual outlines

  1. Check or un-check the outline titles, you can edit, and/or delete them from the list
  2. Click [Next]

Step 5 - Generate the article

  1. Review the title and the article outline, edit if necessary.
    • Click the [+] button to insert an outline title
    • Click the [-] button to delete the outline from the list
    • Drag and move the outline title to re-arrange the order
  2. Click [Generate Article]

Open in AI Document Editor

To edit the article further, click the [edit] icon located at the bottom of the article to open the article in the AI Document Editor. To learn more, read this step by step guide on how to use the AI Document Editor.

Open in Audiosonic

To use the article to generate audio, click the [play icon] at the bottom of the article to open the article in Audiosonic. To To learn more, read this step by step guide on how to use Audiosonic

Share the article

To share the generated article, click the [share] icon located at the top corner of the page. There are 3 ways to share the file:

  • Share a public link - toggle ON, then copy the public link
  • Download as a Microsoft Word, PDF, or HTML file
  • Export and publish to,, Zapier

View Generated Articles

To view previously generated files and articles, navigate back to your Writesonic's main dashboard, then click [History] from left hand side menu to open the all documents you've previously worked on.