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What is a YouTube outline generator?

When creating a video, getting started is the most difficult step, isn’t it? But with a killer outline, you can streamline the entire process. So, if you are working on a new youtube video and need help in getting started, Writesonic is here!

With the help of Writesonic’s YouTube Outline generator, you can easily generate outlines that can engage viewers and help your video to rank well.

How to use Writesonic’s YouTube outline generator?

STEP 1 - Go to the dashboard and click on “Writesonic’s YouTube Outlines.”

STEP 2 - Enter the video title, search term, and tone of voice.

STEP 3 - Then, choose a language and hit the “Generate” button.

Writesonic creates five unique YouTube Outlines that you can choose from. In case you want more or something else, you can click on the “Re-generate” button.

Here are a couple of examples:

Example 1



Video Title - How to start copywriting

Search term - Copywriting

Tone of voice - Exciting

Language - English


  1. Copywriting is the art of writing advertising materials and content that entice readers to buy or use a service
    You can get started with some basic skills, like how to write press releases and product descriptions
    Join organizations like the National Association of Professional Women
    Seek out educational opportunities, like workshops, webinars and seminars
  2. There are a lot of ways to get started as a copywriter
    You can start your own blog and write about topics that interest you
    You can work for an agency
    Or you could apply for a job at a company that needs someone in the department

Example 2



Video Title - Will AI replace copywriters

Search term - AI and copywriting

Tone of voice - Professional

Language - English


  1. AI is already transforming the digital marketing and creative industries
    It could soon replace copywriters who just create content for websites
    AI can generate high-quality copy that's more in-depth than simple articles, which would be very useful for companies
    The people who are most in danger of losing their jobs are those in middle management because AI can take over their administrative tasks
  2. Artificial intelligence is being used in a wide range of industries
    Companies are using AI to better understand their customers, to take care of customer service issues, and do the things that humans simply don't want to do
    But will AI eventually make human jobs obsolete?
    The answer is maybe - but it's not likely that AI will eliminate all human jobs in the near future

Example 3



Video Title - Are you investing in Bitcoin?

Search term - Bitcoin Investment

Tone of voice - Encouraging

Language - English


  1. Bitcoin is a digital currency that people can use to buy and sell products and services
    It's not related to any country or bank, so the value of Bitcoin isn't tied to the economy
    You can send bitcoin to other people using mobile apps, online platforms, or by using a personal computer
    The price of bitcoin in US dollars changes every day
  2. Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows people to send and receive money online
    For the first time in history, we can send and receive money without a third party taking a cut
    It's cheap, fast (no waiting for a cheque to clear), and completely secure- your information is never shared with anyone else
    There are over 10 million Bitcoins currently in circulation, with a limit of 21 million Bitcoins that will ever be available

Tips for using the YouTube idea generator

  1. Enter the description properly and include all the key points.
  2. Mention all features/benefits you want to highlight in the copy.

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