Writesonic Pricing Plans Explained

Writesonic ensures excellent value for your investment, with plans that are up to 40% more cost-effective than comparable services like ChatGPT Plus.

Chatsonic Plan

Ideal for those who need a sophisticated AI chatbot with real-time web search capabilities.

Price: $12/month billed annually, or $15/month billed monthly.

Features at a Glance:

  • Fast, Up-to-date factual responses with in-built web search Chatsonic’s in-house state-of-the-art web search delivers real-time, up-to-date responses with factual accuracy in seconds - eliminating outdated information and guesswork.
  • Unlimited GPT-4 and Claude 3: Engage with state-of-the-art AI in unlimited conversations.
  • File Chat: Talk about content in PDFs, webpages, images, and audio files.
  • Image Generations: Bring your ideas to life with unlimited image creation.
  • Agent Mode: Conduct deep research with detailed references.
  • Prompt Optimizer: Automatically refine prompts for optimal responses.
  • Additional Benefits:
    • Cited answers
    • Human-like voiceovers
    • Built-in fact-checker and plagiarism tools
    • Convenient Chrome extension

Individual Plan

This plan is designed for solo creators looking for unlimited AI writing and content creation tools, along with advanced capabilities.

This plan provides everything in Chatsonic plus:

  • Unlimited Standard Templates: Access to Writesonic's diverse template library.
  • Brand Voice: Maintain consistency with a unique brand voice.
  • Advanced Templates Credits: 50 credits per month to use advanced features.

Teams Plan

Perfect for businesses seeking a collaborative solution, with more credits for advanced needs.

This plan includes wverything in the Individual plan.

  • Collaboration Tools: Work seamlessly with your team.
  • More Credits: 100 credits per month for advanced templates.

Standard Templates

Unlimited use of Writesonic's crafted content templates for a variety of needs.

Template CategoryExamples
Article WritingAI Article Writer 4.0, Article Rewriter
Social MediaPosts for various platforms
EcommerceProduct descriptions, titles and landing pages
Paid Ad CopyFacebook ads, Linkedin ads, Google ads
Visual ContentPhotosonic Image Generator
All-purpose WritingNotion-like AI Editor
Productivity ToolsBrowser Extensions, Integrations
...and more than 50 other templates-

Advanced Templates

Access premium templates using credits for high-quality, specialized content.

TemplateCredits per Use
AI Article Writer 6.010-25
AI Article Writer 5.05
SEO Checker and Optimizer2
Fact and Citations Checker2
Photosonic High-quality Images2
Audiosonic Voice Generation1 per 30 sec
Plagiarism Checker2
Bulk Content Upload1 per row