Guide on how to connect a WordPress.org site with Writesonic.

WordPress is one of the most popular methods for creating a blog. It powers over 43.3% of all websites on the Internet.

Your Writesonic-generated content can now be directly published to your WordPress website. To get started, follow the steps below:


Connect Multiple WordPress sites

You can connect upto 10 WordPress sites to your Writesonic account. For more details, please click here!

Step 1: Install the Writesonic plugin

In order to connect Writesonic with your WordPress site, you'll first need to install the Writesonic plugin for WordPress.

To do this, you can search for the "Writesonic" plugin by clicking Add New from the WordPress plugins area of your dashboard. Click the Install Now button to install the plugin.


Searching for "Writesonic" on WordPress's "Add Plugins" page

Alternately, you can install it through the following link: <https://wordpress.org/plugins/writesonic/>

Step 2: Activate the plugin

Once installed, click the Activate button to activate the plugin.


Clicking the "Activate" button

Step 3: Open the Writesonic plugin settings

Find "Writesonic" inside the Settings menu on the sidebar.


Writesonic plugin inside the "Settings" menu on the sidebar

Step 4: Connect to Writesonic

When you click the "Writesonic" tab inside the Settings menu on the sidebar, you will see the below page with a Connect button to connect the plugin to your Writesonic account.


Click on "Connect"

Click the Connect button.

Step 5: Approve the connection request

The Writesonic plugin will redirect you to your Writesonic account so that it can access your content for publishing.

To complete the Writesonic and WordPress plugin integration, click Approve.


Approve WordPress access

Step 6: Your WordPress site should now be connected with Writesonic

On successful authorization, you will be redirected to Writesonic with the message "Successfully connected to WordPress".


"Successfully connected with WordPress" messaged on Writesonic

You will also find the below message on the Writesonic plugin page under WordPress Settings.


The WordPress site has been authorized successfully!



Your Writesonic account has been successfully connected to your Writesonic site.

Step 7

Your generated content can now be published directly to your WordPress site with the click of a button. In the AI Article Writer 3.0 section, you can now find the grey button with the WordPress logo which says "Publish to Wordpress.org":


Click on the grey WordPress logo button to publish the generated article to your WordPress site

Click on this grey "WordPress" button, you shall find the list of the WordPress sites connected as show below:

List of WordPress.org connected sites. **Note:** The connected sites are for representative purposes only!

List of WordPress.org connected sites. Note: The connected sites are for representative purposes only!

You can choose the respective WordPress site through the list. Select the status options ("Publish" or "Draft") to publish the content to the selected domain.

Upon successfully publishing the post, you'll find the WordPress link for the content published.


Article published successfully to your connected WordPress site!


Successfully Published!

Your generated article has been successfully published to your WordPress site.

Multiple WordPress sites connection

Your Writesonic account supports up to 10 WordPress sites connection and you can choose to publish your generated content to those connected sites. Check the below details to get started:

View Connected Sites

Under the Integrations section in your Writesonic account, you will find WordPress.org, which has the button "View Connected Sites".
Note: The "View Connected Sites" button appears only when you have at least 1 WordPress site connected, else you will find the "Install Plugin" button.

View the available Integrations in the Writesonic

View the available Integrations in the Writesonic

Connect New Site

Click on the "View Connected Sites" button to check the connected WordPress.org sites as shown in the below image.

List of connected WordPress.org sites. **Note:** The connected sites are for representative purposes only!

List of connected WordPress.org sites. Note: The connected sites are for representative purposes only!

You can connect more WordPress sites by clicking on the "Connect New Sites", which would be the same steps as described here

Frequently Asked Questions!

Do you need to have a separate Writesonic account to connect? No. You can connect the WordPress sites to your existing Writesonic account.
How many WordPress.org sites can I connect with my Writesonic account? Currently, You can connect up to 10 WordPress.org websites.
What Writesonic plans support multiple WordPress sites connection? All the subscription plans support multiple WordPress sites connection. It is free to connect to WordPress sites from your Writesonic account.

Please reach out to us with any questions or issues on our support channel. Have a great day!