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What is a YouTube idea generator?

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How to use Writesonic’s YouTube idea generator?

Get ready to generate a Facebook ad copy in just four simple steps:

STEP 1 -Go to the dashboard and click on “Writesonic’s YouTube Ideas.”

STEP 2 - Enter the video topic, search term, and tone of voice.

STEP 3 - Then, choose a language and hit the “Generate” button.

Writesonic creates five unique YouTube Ideas that you can choose from. In case you want more or something else, you can click on the “Re-generate” button.

Here are a couple of examples:

Example 1



Video Topic - How to start copywriting

Search term - Copywriting

Tone of voice - Excited

Language - English


  1. Tips for copywriting that are really useful for people who are just starting out
    The difference between copywriting and content marketing
    How to write a blog post that is engaging and easy to read
    The basics of how to write an email campaign
  2. How to write a great headline
    The importance of adding value to your readers
    How to give your readers what they want to read
    Tips on how to develop a voice of your own

Example 2



Video Topic - Will AI replace copywriters

Search term - AI and copywriting

Tone of voice - Professional

Language - English


  1. How artificial intelligence is impacting the way we write
    Different ways AI can be used to create content
    Pros and cons of AI writing
    How AI will change the way we work
  2. The 3 steps to a good copywriting process
    What is meant by human-like intelligence
    How AI will affect humans in the world of copywriting
    Understanding the difference between chatbots and intelligent systems

Example 3



Video Topic - Are you investing in Bitcoin?

Search term - Bitcoin Investment

Tone of voice - Encouraging

Language - English


  1. What Bitcoin is and how it works
    The benefits of investing in Bitcoin
    How to get started with Bitcoin investing
    How to invest your money wisely
  2. How to purchase Bitcoin with a credit card
    What is fiat currency and why it's important to have
    Why Bitcoin is a good investment
    How to buy and sell on Coinbase or Circle

Tips for using the YouTube idea generator

  1. Enter the description properly and include all the key points.
  2. Mention all features/benefits you want to highlight in the copy.

Time to get the most out of your marketing campaign by creating powerful and attractive Facebook ad copy with Writesonic.

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