Google Ad Descriptions V2

Increase your click-through-rates with attractive Google Ad descriptions

What is Google Ad Descriptions Generator V2?

Google Ad Description Generator V2 helps you write more effective Google Ads by giving you high-converting descriptions to use in your Google ad copy. This version follows the Google guidelines much better.

How to use Google Ad Descriptions Generator V2?

STEP 1 - Write your company name in the given box.

STEP 2 Then write a description of your product/service.

STEP 3 Choose the language.

STEP 4 - Click “Generate Google Ad Descriptions.”

Regenerate if you require more.

Here are a couple of examples:

Example 1



Company Name - Iodex

Product/Service Decription - Pain relief balm for anyone suffering from joint pain or muscle pain

Language - English


  1. Iodex is the ultimate topical pain relief balm for anyone suffering from joint or muscle pain. The perfect solution
  2. Pain relief balm for anyone suffering from joint pain or muscle pain

Example 2



Company Name - Apple

Product/Service Decription - Shop for the new Macbook Air

Language - English


  1. The new Macbook Air is a delight to carry around, and it’s amazingly powerful.
  2. 4th Generation Intel Core Processors, Intel HD Graphics 6000, Apple-engineered speaker system

Example 3



Company Name - Norton

Product/Service Decription - Comes With Additional Safety Features. Get Protection & Backup.

Keyword - Antivirus

Language - English


  1. Norton™ for PC is a comprehensive security solution for your PC. Protects your PC from viruses.
  2. Have peace of mind knowing you're backed up and protected. Get Norton Security and Antivirus Protection

Tips for using the Google Ad Descriptions Generator V2:

  1. Be direct while you provide your input.
  2. Generate, mix & match all the results to create much better Google Ad descriptions.
  3. Include specific points in your input to get more specific results.

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