How to add Botsonic to WordPress website?

Discover the seamless integration of Botsonic into your WordPress website with this comprehensive guide.

Botsonic Steps:

Step 1: Bot Creation

To create a new bot, click on the New bot option located on the Botsonic platform.

Step 2: Data Upload

Navigate to the Data Upload tab and upload the necessary links and files containing your data to train your bot.

Step 3: Bot Customization

Go to the Customization tab to align your bot's appearance with your brand's color scheme and personalized details.

Step 4: Copy Code

Access the Integrations page and copy the provided embed script.

WordPress Steps

You can easily incorporate the embedded script into your WordPress footer using a plugin. This guide will utilize the WPcode - Insert Header and Footer plugin.

Step 1: Plugin Addition

In your WordPress Network Admin dashboard, navigate to Plugins >> Add New

Step 2: Plugin Installation

Search for WPCode - Insert Headers and Footers, install, and subsequently activate the plugin.

Step 3: Plugin Activation

After installation, click Activate. You will be redirected to a page where you can select the plugin and enable it across the entire network.

Step 4: Accessing Code Snippets

Now, go to your website's dashboard, locate and open Code Snippets.

Step 5: Script Embedding

Select Header & Footer. You will find a provision to paste the embedded script. Here, you should paste the code that was copied from Botsonic.

Step 6: Saving Changes

After pasting the script, click Save Changes. Your bot should now be visible on your website.