Writesonic x Surfer = Even More SEO-optimized Content

Worried if your content will rank on the first page of Google or not?

As usual, we got you a solution for this too. 🤓

Thrilled to announce our latest integration with Surfer: The Surfer Mode on the Sonic Editor 🎉

Now you can create SEO-friendly content, take the Surfer SEO audit, edit accordingly, and publish on WordPress—all from one place.

This also means you can:

• Write & optimize any content without in-depth SEO knowledge

• Eliminate several hours of keyword & content research hard work

• Generate SEO-optimized content in 24+ languages

• Create 80+ types of content and carry out a Surfer audit on them as well.

Sounds exciting?! There’s more…👀

If you don’t have a paid subscription to Surfer, you can get your first premium month at just $1 through Writesonic!

Click here to try the Surfer Mode now! 🚀