Writesonic February Update: What's New?

I know we've been a bit quiet about Writesonic lately, and maybe it even looks like we've taken our eye off the ball. But let me tell you, that's far from reality!

Sure, we've been going wild over ChatSonic (which is rocking out there!), but we haven't forgotten about the first thing that got us here. πŸš€

As we're launching new products, we're also making sure to take good care of our existing ones. Our devs and QA team are constantly keeping track of any bumps in the road, so they can swoop in and do some maintenance if necessary.

And here we are back again with some new feature updates and additions (on Writesonic πŸ˜‰):

  1. Citations Generator - Do you ever struggle to find the right sources for a given fact? Lucky for you, Writesonic can take care of it now. Plug in some text or a link, and it will collect references to back up the facts mentioned in the writing piece in seconds. It's like a super-efficient librarian. Click here to try this now!

  1. Social Media Plan Creator - Launching a new product? Or want to promote your existing offering via social channels? It’s now easy than ever to create a social media plan for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with this feature.
  2. Improved Article Rewriter - No more network errors or improper articles; this upgrade to the Article Rewriter is everything you need!

Test out these features on the Writesonic werb app now!

And let us know your reviews, we love hearing from you...