Meet Instant Article Writer: Get 1500 words in a click

Up against a deadline? Writing a 1500-word blog but stuck on the title? 🤦‍♀️

You need something quick, something that will get the job done without too much fuss.

In any other case, we'd first recommend Article Writer 3.0. But since you and many of our users requested a one-click Article writing feature…so we thought, why not give Article Writer 3.0 a doze of steroids?! 💉

And oh boy, that worked amazingly! The result…

Instant Article Writer ⚡️

A long-form content creator that can generate articles in one click, with only one input required—the title.

That's right, just one click!

And these are no small articles either. We're talking 1500 words or more of content that is ready to be published.

Watch this short video tutorial to see how it works 👇


Pro tip -

The quality of the generated content depends on the title you provide as input. Make sure it's clear and accurate.

Hold on…

Now how about generating 100+ articles or blogs in a click? 🚀

Instant Article Writer is a part of Bulk upload too. So all you have to do is:

  1. Put multiple titles as input in an excel or CSV file.

  2. Select the relevant options and upload the file to the bulk upload section.

  3. Hit generate.

And you'll get full-form blogs and articles for all of them at once. ✨

In case you were wondering, how Instant Article Writer is different from Article Writer 3.0...

With Article Writer 3.0 you get the option to customize your title, introduction, and outlines during the 4-step process. Whereas, Instant Article Writer chooses the best introduction and outlines for you and generates a draft directly without having to give multiple inputs.

However, they both generate a long-form blog post/article with an image. You can take this blog to Sonic Editor for further editing or publish it on WordPress from there itself. 💙

Try Instant Article Writer now and see for yourself how fast & easy it is to use.