Major Sonic Editor upgrade: Meet the Sonic Mode! ⚡

Last week, we received an interesting message from one of our users. They asked, “Do you have any new plans for the Sonic Editor?”

And that made us realize…it’s been a while since we last upgraded it! 😦 (You see, why we keep asking you for suggestions and feedback.)

I mean, we regularly push out updates for all our existing features, but this one over here has been flying under our development radar for quite some time.

And that’s unacceptable. 🙅‍♀️

So, here we are, with an amazing addition to the Editor: The Sonic Mode. ⚡️

Sonic Mode is a new way to generate and edit any kind of content, using any feature available on Writesonic, without having to leave the Sonic editor.

So now, you can not only edit blog posts but social media content, ad copy, stories, and whatnot, faster than before.

With this new upgrade, you can generate & transfer as many results as you want, mix and match content pieces, expand, shorten, rephrase, and write more with AI to enhance your creation. ✨

Doesn't that look exciting?!

Try creating and editing content on the Sonic Editor now! 🚀