Introducing Writesonic v2 API - Unlock ChatGPT-like Powers with ChatSonic

ChatGPT has recently been hailed as a revolutionary alternative to Google for certain search queries; however, it does not yet offer an API.

But wait, we have something even better…

The ChatSonic API is a perfect way to take your conversational AI to the next level.

This API gives you access to ChatGPT’s features plus adds additional features such as fetching factual results from Google, AI image generation, personalized avatars, voice search, and more.

ChatSonic API is part of our newly released Writesonic API V2.

Now you can programmatically access features from ChatSonic, Photosonic, and Writesonic with a single API and integrate them into your own products.

Watch this video for a quick demo...

If we talk about pricing, Writesonic’s API is much more economical than before. Because now, you won’t have to purchase the API separately.

That’s right! Just get any Business plan to access the API, and you can use the same word balance. 🙌

Not sure how to get started?

Click here to learn all about Writesonic, ChatSonic, and the Photosonic API 🚀

What’s next on our list?

Libraries for different languages, like Python, Javascript, etc., are coming soon for an even more seamless integration experience.

So stay tuned. ✌️