Article Writer 4.0 is here!

We are way too excited to introduce you to this incredible update (the BIGGEST we‘ve had in a while…) ⏬

Article Writer 4.0: A step up in writing SEO-friendly blog posts and articles of up to 3000 words, faster than before!

This new version is loaded with cool options that involve selecting your desired length, tone of voice, keywords, point of view, and call-to-action.

Check out this quick demo video to watch Article Writer 4.0 live in action…😎

Also, with improved output quality, you can rest assured that your blog posts or articles will look better than ever.

Try Article Writer 4.0 (Beta) now! 💯

Wait, that’s not it. Here’s a new addition to your dashboard - Translate

Yes, it does exactly what it says—translate any text into 24 different languages in seconds. ⏰

Moreover, about our latest AI model upgrade. We’ve recently improved the following features on the platform:

  1. Song Lyrics

  2. Linkedin Ads V2

  3. Feature to Benefit

  4. Listicle Ideas

  5. Facebook Ads

  6. Company Mission

  7. Company Vision

  8. Call to Action

Head on to your dashboard to try all these new upgrades, and let us know what you think.

We are working day & night to bring new advancements to Writesonic as per your suggestions. We have lots of other exciting updates to share in the future.

So stay tuned.✌️