11 New features introduced in July 2022

Hope you’re loving the new features we've been launching lately.

Our team is working day & night to ensure a hassle-free content creation experience for you.

Here's another batch of additions for this month:

  1. The Song Lyrics Writer - Introducing a quick and fun way to create original song lyrics in seconds. Don’t let creativity block stop you from singing your heart out. Use the Song Lyrics Generator for an unlimited supply of inspiration and music. 🎶

  2. Stories Creator - This tool is a game-changer for storytellers, marketers, and anyone who wants to write engaging stories. Start creating powerful stories that capture your audience's attention and get them to take action now!

  3. App and SMS notifications - With so many notifications vying for users' attention these days, it's easy for your notifications to get lost in the shuffle. But with this tool, you can easily make your SMS and notifications stand out! 📲

  4. Call to Action Generator - Increase your conversion rates by 300% with this powerful CTA generator. Let AI improve your click-through rate! 🚀

  5. Passive to Active Voice - ⚠️ Warning - Passive voice can be harmful to your content. Transform your sentences into active voice, so it becomes easy to read & understand.

  6. Definition Generator - Siri, define content. 👉 Writesonic, define CONTENT! Yes, the definition generator can give you a proper definition of anything & everything in seconds.

  7. Answer Writer - Worried about what if your answer doesn't cover it all? Let's solve this issue. Use the answer writer to create informational answers with a click.

  8. Bullet Point Answers - How to make your answers more readable? Make it concise—Turn them into bullet points with the Bullet Point Answer writer.

  9. Pros and Cons generator - This feature will give you clear points distinguishing benefits and limitations in a given piece of content. ✨


Version Updates:

Although old is gold, we believe everything needs a polish now and then. ✨

So here are two new feature upgrades for you:

  1. Google Ad Titles V2 - A well-written Google Ad title can be the difference between a click and a scroll. This version ensures you get those clicks.
  2. Google Ad Descriptions V2 - You know they come in a pair, right?! Google Ad Title & Descriptions…So how can we leave the descriptions out? V2 is perfect for creating high-quality descriptions that follow Google's guidelines better.