20+ Features Upgraded with Writesonic's New AI Model

Have you ever experienced something that totally blew your mind? Made you wonder, “Woah! That felt impossible, but I NAILED it!” 🤯

Yeah, that’s exactly how we all were feeling at Writesonic when we completed this massive upgrade.

Our dev team upgraded 20+ features across the platform with a new and much improved Writesonic AI model that's trained on relatively recent data and follows instructions much better. Which means writing with AI just got even more smarter...😎

These include:

  1. Paragraph Writer
  2. Emails V2
  3. Blog Ideas
  4. Twitter Thread
  5. Twitter Tweet
  6. Instagram Captions
  7. LinkedIn posts V2
  8. Make your own AI
  9. Questions and answers
  10. Real estate listings
  11. Story generator

And the list can go on and on…

With this new AI model, we are increasing the efficiency of existing features and adding brand-new ones to ensure you get the best of all worlds. 🤩

Try out this new version now!

Please note: This new upgrade is only available for premium quality.